womens clothingDUBLIN, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ — Today heralds the launch of Supezas, an online bespoke clothing manufacturer that combines 100 percent natural, hand-woven and organic materials with a strong social conscience. Whilst this year’s Chronicle study(*Note 1) showed charitable donations slowing amongst corporations, with the median donation being 1 percent of profits, Supezas is pledging 5 percent of its turnover to improve the lives and prospects of remote weaving communities.

The company, which offers women custom designed and personalized fashion clothing with a bespoke fit, is working towards a self-sustainable society by financing projects and causes directed at organic cotton cultivation and hand weaving. It is also educating weavers and their families to improve their prospects, by teaming up with local schools to provide books and scholarships. Finally, it is using exclusive, handmade embellishments to encourage small-scale, home-based industries, primarily run by women.

Company Co-Founder and Director Raja Kandru believes that these initiatives will enable a sustainable, profitable and growing economy. “Too often, these communities are exploited by corporations looking to produce garments with the lowest possible cost base. Our vision is to build a community that is self-sufficient and fosters innovation, as well as experiencing the obvious benefits of economic development. Our customers receive designer clothes and the weaving community benefits from a predictable workload, which results in predictable earnings; the first building block that will provide the cornerstone for long-term improvements.”

“Stepping out for a night in the town, a woman wants to look stunningly unique in her style,” says Co-Founder Srini Bitra and continues: “A Supezas woman achieves that with completely customized women’s fashion.” The company currently offers women’s clothing and other fashion tops and blouses in a number of highly customizable styles, using a wide range of hand-woven fabrics, and provides several sizing options to achieve the perfect fit. Style and fabric choices give customers a nearly unlimited choice.

“Hand weaving is a dying art, in today’s culture of mass-production,” says Kandru. “Our customers are choosing bespoke garments that are natural, unique and a labor of love. For the same price as a woman top in one of the large department stores, they are opting for a custom-fit, ethically produced, one-off item made from the finest quality organic materials.”

Supezas, which translates to “beautiful and well-adorned” in Sanskrit, uses only organic materials; natural and eco-based dyes and cotton that has been grown in adherence to strict soil fertility, pest and harvest management standards. It is planning to introduce hand-woven silk to its range, and widen its line to include dresses.

“As our customer base grows, we will be extending our lines further,” concludes Bitra. “This will bring benefits to more global communities, whilst our customers benefit from high quality, ethical and beautiful garments.”

Supezas ships to anywhere in the U.S., and offers a full 90-day money back guarantee or free replacement on unworn clothing.

About Supezas:

Supezas is an online manufacturer of bespoke women’s clothing that uses only hand-woven, organic, natural and environmentally-friendly materials, dyes and processes. It commits 5 percent of its turnover to causes in support of the development of weaving communities and projects. Its current line features multiple different styles of tops and blouses, available in 45 hand-woven fabrics. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook ( ).

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