READING, Pa. — Millions of Americans report feeling stress and depression during the Holidays. Greg Schweitzer, founder of Stress Reduction Resources (, says the biggest sources of stress over the holidays revolve around the “Big Five:” Finances, health, family, time, and gift-giving. Many people let unrealistic expectations rob them of a joyous Christmas. Others over-exert themselves preparing the perfect Holiday party. And of course, the Holidays bring together family members from across the country, and old family issues are often rehashed but not resolved.

With the cooling housing market and rising interest rates, many American families are currently experiencing financial distress, and the gift-giving season exacerbates feelings of financial helplessness. Some parents knowingly overspend to provide their children with the best Christmas or Chanukah, and experience stress or depression as they dread the credit card bills of the New Year. And during this time of togetherness, memories of lost loved ones are often more prominent, and much sadness is experienced by those who relive the pain of losing family members and friends.

Holiday stress is not something that should be dismissed as insignificant. More suicides are committed during the Holidays than any other time of the year, and there is growing consensus among the medical community that stress can cause both psychological and physical damage to the human mind and body. There is, however, growing consensus that meditation can help alleviate stress and ward off depression.

Despite the mounting evidence of its effectiveness, there are still millions of stress-suffering Americans who have not yet turned to meditation. Many who would benefit from meditation do not know where to begin. Greg Schweitzer claims anyone, no matter how inexperienced, can reap the benefits of meditation. He has seen profound transformation among many of the thousands of students he has trained over the years.

Schweitzer is an MBA who has been teaching meditation for more than 30 years. He trained with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation(R), and has taught everyone from plumbers to exterminators to current self-help luminaries to even members of The Beatles. Schweitzer claims that “less hostility and increased ability to control anger; reduced irritability, resentment, and suspicion; enhanced self-esteem and emotional maturity; and improved interpersonal communication skills” are among the many scientifically validated benefits of meditation, and that programs like his Effortless Meditation, in particular, can help alleviate Holiday stress.

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