BOSTON, Mass. — Already well known for their trend setting abilities in technology, fashion, and design, Japanese consumers are now making headlines of the green persuasion, putting the Toyota Prius at the top of their lists. In 2009 the Toyota Prius was the top-selling car, period, in Japan – the first time ever a gas-electric hybrid has clinched the spot. For Sales Manager Randy Sassone of Toyota of Watertown, the largest Toyota Prius dealer in the Greater Boston area, the news of the Prius’ success in Toyota’s homeland of Japan comes as no surprise.

“It’s the most fuel-efficient car in America, a fantastic value that both Japanese and American consumers can appreciate. When a customer leaves our dealership with a new or pre-owned Prius, I rest easy knowing they own a superior vehicle that will benefit both their pocketbook and the environment. And, as we all seek a greener future, I look forward to the Prius also becoming America’s number one car.”

Sassone has every reason to be optimistic-with the economy struggling and energy prices continually rising, the Prius has emerged as an ideal purchase for those seeking to limit their energy consumption and the toll it takes on their bank account. The new 2010 models get a combined 50 mpg from their Hybrid Synergy Drives, an increase of 4 mpg from the 2009 model.

Thankfully, this boost in efficiency isn’t reflected on the price tag; the 2010 Prius starts at just $21,000, a cost which doesn’t take into account all the money saved on gas. It looks like an even better deal after ABC News recently called the Prius one of the top 10 innovations of the decade, citing how, even with increased hybrid competition, it remains the best-selling car in its class.

“It’s a remarkable vehicle, one which is leading the push to a brighter, cleaner America,” Sassone says. “But the reason we’re the number one Prius dealer is our commitment to customer service – with Toyota of Watertown you’ll receive quality care no matter what model of Toyota you drive. We have the largest staff of certified Toyota technicians in the Greater Boston Area, and their dedication to your satisfaction ensures you’ll be back here for your next purchase.”

Toyota of Watertown is recognized as one of the premier dealerships in the Greater Boston Area. Centrally located just minutes off the Mass Pike between Route 128 and Route 93, they are renowned for their selection and low prices, as well as customer service that is second to none. They strive to make your automotive experience a positive one-for the life of your vehicle.

For more information you can visit them on the Web at – or call them at 617-926-5200. Feel free to visit their showroom at 149 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA.