LIVINGSTON, N.J. — Today’s business world is fast paced and technology must keep up with the times; Virtual Computer Solutions, Inc. offers a new software solution – VirtualCompanyOnline – that allows peers and employees to immediately organize business communities. software is easy-to-use and change; the program may be used “as is” or simply serve as a template. It can be hosted by the Virtual Computer Solutions environment or be installed on the business’s server.

“Many businesses are showing an increased interest in the value of online communities and social networks as a way to connect with and learn from their peers,” the co-founder of Virtual Computer Solutions, said. “This software is not for people who are interested in sharing pictures of their grandchildren or their latest vacation; it’s for people who are serious about business collaboration.”

VirtualCompanyOnlineUsers are empowered through a unique and friendly design, robust security and use of multiple communication channels that include: e-mail, chat, forums, Internet, PDA/phone, web conferencing, and more.

The Virtual Computer Solution software license is free and ready for application; any modifications are estimated and analyzed on an individual basis.

Recent surveys have shown that major companies are planning to distribute their project workload as follows:

    * Large to medium-sized corporations – 50 to 70 percent of development will be accomplished through the Internet; and

    * Small-sized corporations – 80 to 100 percent of development will be accomplished through the Internet.

So, what does this mean? Virtual Computer Solutions can save businesses time and money through their new patented software and help to improve the business owner’s vision. The low cost of outsourcing developers leads to creating a perfectly customized virtual business community that promotes trust and provides satisfaction among community members.

New technologies will be judged on how well they contribute to improving the business’s bottom line; collaboration tools can do that by boosting exchange of information.

Founded in 1986, Virtual Computer Solutions first offered evening training programs in relational database technology to Wall Street corporations and major consulting firms. In 1999, the company changed its focus to business collaboration software, specifically, virtual company capability to reach global markets.

For a hands-on demonstration, visit:

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