Count parking fees as another “Gotcha to Watch Out For” on your next Hawaii Vacation

HONOLULU, Hawaii — You might get a great deal on a rental car on the island of Oahu. But if you stay in Waikiki, as almost all visitors to Oahu do, you may pay as much as $25 (plus tax) to park your car for the night, according to a survey of Waikiki hotels conducted by Travel Hawaii LLC in Honolulu (, a leading Hawaii Internet booking service.

Travel Hawaii’s survey found that parking rates at six Waikiki hotels will run you $25 per night (plus a buck for taxes), for example at the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk and the new Wyland Waikiki. Full results of survey can be found at

Travel Hawaii LLC Most other Waikiki hotels charge rates nearly as high, ranging from $12 to $22 per night. For example, the Halekulani, the top-rated hotel in Waikiki, charges a relatively modest $22.

However, there’s still one incredible Waikiki hotel parking deal left, at the ResortQuest Waikiki Beach Tower (, which
offers complimentary valet parking to all of its guests. “You should see the smiles that come across our guests’ faces when they’re checking in and learn that their parking is free, and it’s valet parking to boot,” said Mike Tesaka, the General Manager of the hotel. “You can see them computing the numbers in their head, figuring they’ve just saved $150 or more for their stay.”

Other Waikiki hotels or condos may have free parking depending on how they’re booked. “For example,” said John Lindelow, owner of Travel Hawaii, “if a guest books the upscale Waikiki Parc through Travel Hawaii, parking is free, but if purchased direct through the hotel or Expedia, parking will cost $20 per day.” A similar situation exists at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, where guests staying three or more nights get free parking, but only if booked through Travel Hawaii.

“Most visitors to Waikiki still rent cars because of the wealth of things to do and see outside of Waikiki,” continued Lindelow, “however, if visitors carefully plan the use of a rental car – and associated parking fees, they could easily save a couple hundred bucks.”

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