New Sting 517D2 512MB Video Processor Rivals Gaming Desktops in Performance

BOULDER, Colo. — WidowPC(R), a leader in cutting-edge PC hardware, today announced the – in-stock – availability of the long-awaited, Nvidia 8800M GTX powered gaming laptop, the Sting 517D2. The Sting 517D2 gaming laptop, featuring the 8800M GTX DirectX 10 compatible video card by NVIDIA, is the first of it’s kind to be offered with NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800M GTX graphics processor and marks a new performance benchmark for mobile PC hardware.

“The new GeForce(TM) 8800M GPUs allow gamers to have the ultimate gaming experience on a mobile platform,” said Joshua McClure, General Manager at WidowPC. “These new 8800M video cards are exactly what the doctor ordered to play Crysis at advanced levels of visual realism. We’re proud to be the first in North America to ship this incredible performance enhancer.”

WidowPC Sting 517D2 notebook WidowPC’s Sting 517D2(TM), already an award winning, mobile platform, may be the most powerful gaming laptop in existence with the addition of the 8800M GTX GPU. The 8800M GTX sports 512MB of dedicated DDR3 video memory, 96 stream processors (as opposed to the 32 in previous generation cards), and supports unsurpassed HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc picture clarity. Combine all this performance with NVIDIA’s new PowerMizer(TM) battery extending technology and you’ve got a best-in-class gaming laptop.

The Dual Core Sting 517D2(TM) model is offered with a choice of the most advanced Intel Core2 Duo(R) CPU’s, a 17″ WUXGA high definition display (1920×1200), up to 4GB of 667MHz DDR memory + 1GB of Intel(R) Turbo Memory, and up to 200GB of 7200RPM hard drive storage. Pricing starts at $2,799 and is available for order and shipment now.

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