GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — Television, newspapers, radio, the Internet, and more – media coverage and speculation over the dismal housing market is inescapable. That is why, today, Win a House America LLC announced plans to give away homes across the country. Their mission is to renew real estate hope and to provide people with opportunity.

The company’s announcement comes on the heels of a congressional subcommittee prediction that the sub-prime mortgage crisis will result in two to three million foreclosures over the next few years. Many experts predict that these real estate woes could last well into 2009-2010.

Win a House America Win a House America is providing a real opportunity for individuals to own a home without selling their soul to mortgage brokers or banks. Traditional financial institutions scrutinize credit scores, and for many, are never good enough.

So, how does it work? Consumers access and play games of skill on the company’s web site (; a $25 entry fee is required. These games are not to be confused with gambling and are completely legal in 41 states, including New York, where the company is based. Only nine states will be prohibited from participating due to their current gaming laws.

“Many people have no way to achieve their home-buying dream,” Steve Harris, company spokesperson said. “We are providing those people with a non-conventional alternative.”

Harris explains that in addition to people winning homes, sellers also benefit. The company is helping people, young and old, to survive the housing slump while they work to drive a weak economy.

In order for a home to be placed on the company’s web site, it must first pass a strict inspection. All homes must be mold, asbestos, radon, and contaminant-free. All homes must also be debt-free.

Currently, homes are being given away in New York and the tri-state area; the rest of the country is close behind.

About Win a House America LLC:
Win a House America LLC is a subsidiary of Global Holdings LLC and is a privately-held company. They will soon be seen on the national talk show circuit, starting in New York, to discuss market approach and the current housing slump.

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