WASHINGTON, D.C. /eNewsChannels/ — The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announces the start of the 2011 Fulbright Enrichment Seminars. The first Enrichment Seminar will start Thursday, February 3 in Los Angeles, CA. The Enrichment Seminars bring together approximately 140 first-year foreign Fulbright students and ten recently returned Fulbright U.S. alumni, who serve as seminar mentors and facilitators. Nine seminars are scheduled to take place across the United States.

These Enrichment Seminars, an integral part of the Fulbright experience, benefit Fulbright foreign students and support the Fulbright Program’s overall mission – to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through academic exchange.

The theme of the 2011 seminars is “Greening of the Planet: Global Challenges, Local Solutions.” Each seminar will examine the effects of climate change on the host city and local efforts to respond to environmental challenges.

The seminars give the participants a valuable personal and professional opportunity to meet and network with other Fulbrighters from around the world who are studying in the United States. Students also develop a better understanding of contemporary life and culture, policy formulation and U.S. public attitudes on nationally and globally important issues.

At each seminar, students will explore the theory and practice of environmental sustainability and its implications for urban living, scientific innovation, economic development and education. Keynotes, panel discussions and site visits will demonstrate effective strategies for applying entrepreneurial principles, business models and public policies to solve environmental problems. Seminars will engage local organizations and individuals at the forefront of addressing these challenges. Students will conduct community service activities to help local host communities with neighborhood, park and school projects and learn about volunteerism in the United States.

The 2011 Fulbright Enrichment Seminars are scheduled in Los Angeles, CA (February 3-6); Nashville, TN (February 10-13); Denver, CO (February 24-27); San Francisco, CA (February 24-27); New Orleans, LA (February 24-27); Washington, DC (March 16-20); Chicago, IL (March 24-27); Philadelphia, PA (April 7-10) and New York, NY (April 14-17). The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsors the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar series as part of its flagship Fulbright Program ).