AImpact Event 2023

(NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.) — NEWS: Ever wondered what it would be like if a tech conference didn’t just talk about the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, but also demonstrated it? AImpact is more than an event-it’s a vision. A vision that sees the future not as AI vs. Humanity, but as AI for Humanity.

Welcome to AImpact 2023: Three Days, Five Thousand Minds, Millions of Possibilities

A conference that’s not just another pitstop on the AI event circuit, but a defining moment in how we adapt to and engage with this revolutionary technology.

AImpact 2023 quells fears and answers questions you didn’t even know you had!

Think: a mind-bending, interactive experience, that catalyzes innovation, discussion, and connection.

With an impressive ensemble of more than 35 of the industry’s leading experts, including Dr. Laura Palmer, a neuroscientist turned AI ethics consultant, and creative visionary, Lauren Wallett, the creator of the world’s first prescriptive AI software model, AImpact promises to be a comprehensive source of knowledge, strategies, and groundbreaking progress in the AI field.

A Glimpse Into the Power-Packed Agenda

* Day 1: A deep dive into AI fundamentals, and applications in business, ROI, predictive analytics and copyright.

* Day 2: A think tank on AI ethics, governance, plagiarism, and responsible applications, moderated by industry leaders.

* Day 3: A unique crowdstorming event. As an active participant, your ideas around AI might just change the world-especially, the way we market, connect, and solve societal challenges. Plus glimpse the future with predictions and trends about our AI-future from thought leaders and industry experts.

Beyond Brainstorming: Harnessing the power of the hive mind, AImpact unveils a design thinking-based crowdstorming event that turns 5,000 attendees into one gigantic think tank. This novel setup equates to more than +3.5 years-of concentrated, collective brainpower all geared toward the Magna Carta of AI. After the event, a comprehensive white paper will be released, capturing all the solutions, actionable insights and strategies identified by our diverse community.

Not Just Tech Talk, but Humanity Talk: Our speaker lineup isn’t just impressive-it’s humane. We feature CEO’s, Authors, and leaders who have used AI to transform social norms, not just profit margins. Like Dr. Manish Mehta, with +20 years in human-centered AI, who pioneered groundbreaking AI technologies for Disney. And Christopher S. Penn, a six-time IBM Champion in Data and AI; a best-selling author and the co-founder of

Event Speakers:

Designed by an All-Women Team: The minds behind AImpact shatter the silicon ceiling. Hailey Wilson (crisis communications), Courtney Anderson (CPA), and Elizabeth Sage (event planning and business coach)-offer a fresh lens on how we talk, think, and act around AI.

A living, breathing example of AI in action: we’re teaming you up with your very own AI buddy, Hal AI. Forget Hollywood nightmares of evil AIs; our Hal is here to charm, not harm. He’ll guide you to can’t-miss talks, keep you in the loop for must-see sessions, and even share a joke to keep the vibes light. Hal is your real-time AI guide to make your experience truly one-of-a-kind.

“With AImpact, we’ve created a dialogue platform and a developmental crucible. The AI community often feels like a labyrinth. We’re offering the map, the compass, and some extraordinary travel companions,” states Hailey Wilson, co-founder and president of AImpact.

In the end, AImpact is more than an event-it’s a vision. A vision that sees the future not as AI vs. Humanity, but as AI for Humanity. And the future starts now.

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