LOS ANGELES, Calif. — New troubles in the sub-prime segment of the U.S. housing market have made some Americans fearful of losing their homes. As a result, American Business Advantage has partnered with the Community Loan Service Center to launch a national foreclosure prevention program.

R. Elliott Bradley, President and CEO of American Business Advantage, has been recognized as an industry leader in the foreclosure services; he has gathered a staff from the mortgage industry. Noticing this trend, ABA has expanded their offices to 7,000 square feet to accommodate new corporate offices, processing unit and training center.

According to Realty Trac, June 2007, approximately 165,000 default loans were recorded; those numbers have been consistent for the last several months.

Fannie Mae reports that over one trillion dollars worth of mortgages will be reset or refinanced by 2007 year end, and even more in 2008.

American Business Advantage’s primary focus is to develop and assist homeowners who will, unfortunately, be faced with the terrible experience of managing their own foreclosure.

Foreclosure mitigation negotiates a resolution and puts a plan in place that mortgage lenders can provide to manage a default resolution.

The company’s secondary focus is to educate the public about the loan and foreclosure industry. American Business Advantage has established a professional, certified, foreclosure counseling program that addresses the needs of homeowners who face this dark reality.

“There are an overwhelming number of individuals who are not prepared to interface with their lenders,” Bradley explained. “Adjustable rate mortgages, predatory lending, and an over-valued real estate market have all fueled the foreclosure epidemic.”

American Business Advantage is prepared for a massive fall out of foreclosures in the American marketplace. For the homeowner, the company offers refinance options and foreclosure mitigation specialists to assist homeowners to save their home or equity.

For people interested in helping others to save their homes, an affiliate or certified foreclosure consultant (CFC) program are also available. These programs provide individuals with the necessary tools and training for helping others. – – has also been launched to help homeowners.

American Business Advantage has been successful in assisting hundreds of homeowners, nationwide, to save their property and preserve the American dream.

For more information, contact:
Elliott Bradley, of American Business Advantage, 310-807-9300.

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