ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Caselite Software specializes in online therapy scheduling for school-based Speech-Language Pathologists and analytical reporting for District Administrators; Located near the cities of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Anne Arundel County is home to the state capitol, Annapolis. In addition to providing every child with a challenging and rewarding educational experience, Anne Arundel County Public Schools is among the 50 largest school systems in the country.

“We are very excited about providing our speech-language pathologists with a scheduling tool that will bring them into the 21st century. With Caselite, we will be able to provide our staff with the technological tools they need to be efficient while considering all of their students’ special scheduling and therapy needs,” Paula L. McGraw, Speech-Language Specialist for AACPS, said.

Caselite “We are extremely pleased that visionary leaders like Mrs. McGraw are using Caselite to establish district-wide best practices for workload management and therapy scheduling,” said Caselite Software Founder, Monica Calello.

Unlike most jobs, which have predictable workdays with known breaks and typical starting and ending times, school-based SLPs have to create their own schedules around the requirements dictated by their caseload. McGraw continued, “In order to provide mandated services as soon as the school year begins, SLP’s can rely on Caselite to create and change schedules quickly and efficiently and inform others of these changes easily at any time. Caselite will be an incredible time saver, which will increase effective service delivery and allow SLP’S to become creative and flexible in scheduling services to meet students’ needs.”

Caselite Software, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, was founded by Marc T. Calello, a software engineer, and his wife, Monica Calello, M.S., CCC-SLP, while she was working in the local schools. The endless hours of scheduling by hand prompted the Calellos to fill a much-needed niche.

Caselite is web-based and offers video demonstrations of Auto Scheduling and District Administrator features as well as a free online tour.

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