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(OXFORD, U.K.) — NEWS: Athanasian Hall, a research center headquartered in the UK, announces Fellow Dr. Fidelis Mukudi’s upcoming presentations in Analysis and Nanotechnology in Rome and Dubai. Dr. Fidelis Mukudi received a Ph. D. in Functional Analysis from Kibabii University, having performed extensive research on the theory of Self-Adjoint Operators.

As a postgraduate student of outstanding promise, Dr. Mukudi already explored the frontiers of Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, and the “Theory of Operators”. In April 2022, he will deliver an address in Dubai on polynomials arising in unbounded operators defined in Hilbert Spaces.

In October, he will present novel results on the spectral properties of commutants of unbounded self-adjoint operators with simple spectra in Rome at the International Conference on Present Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics.

According to Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, the acting Don of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge LTD, “The study of Hilbert spaces and the operators defined upon them represent a nontrivial component of modern mathematical physics. These results…often find application in the Quantum realm, where results on Operator Algebras often have corollaries in Field Theory, Information Uncertainty, and Nanotechnology. Dr. Mukudi has substantial promise as a research scholar in Functional Analysis because of his ability to think about interdisciplinary topics from the unifying perspective of Linear Analysis.”

Athanasian Hall, Cambridge LTD is an independent think-tank devoted to interdisciplinary research in the Quadrivium in its most modern expressions.

According to Dr. Kenigson, “We are a pure research institute independent of the University of Cambridge. Our scholars are encouraged, but not required, to pursue affiliation with scientific bodies in the city or with university institutes. With respect to Dr. Mukudi…we will nominate him for the greatest possible support we can offer to early-career researchers. He exemplifies the best characteristics of the Liberal Arts tradition while remaining superbly qualified in all areas of modern pure mathematics. Our scholars have a great deal of latitude to choose their courses of research and can freely change university affiliation without losing the support of our faculty, which is international.”

Dr. Mukudi is receptive to requests for funded postdoctoral fellowships and similar support at top institutes. According to Kenigson, “Investment in such work is of broad benefit to society even if its applications are not known in advance. Esoteric mathematics often becomes the main component of new physical and economic theories that influence the lives of millions of people.”

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Athanasian Hall, Cambridge, Limited is the world’s first university-independent research institute devoted to study of the Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and Music) in its diverse forms. The institute exists to support the interests of affiliated scholars in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa. Scholars are selected on a basis of merit or potential of great merit in contributions to Quadrivium topics.

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