NEWS: (SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) –- Author and financial historian Michael Piontkowski, also known as “Piont,” has launched a new website portal to serve as the anchor for a grass roots movement to encourage elected officials to enact better finance options for U.S. citizens.

Abraham Lincoln Banking Act

The site sells no services, and asks for no funds, but instead provides background information in a rolling prose style that is both fun and educational.

The website was inspired by what Piont cites as a constitutional right to interest-free money, first established and used by President Abraham Lincoln, utilizing the United States Constitution, Article One Section Eight Clause Two: “The Congress shall have power … To borrow money on the credit of the United States.”

With his grass roots effort website called “Interest Free Banking” he hopes to get the word out on how every U.S. citizen can convert all their debt-interest money loans into zero percent, interest-free loans, if such a new finance reform bill was passed.

“What people don’t know is that President Abraham Lincoln proved that U.S. citizens have a constitutional right to interest-free money,” Piont says. “If finance reform is enacted, people could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to pay interest on home mortgages, auto and other vehicle loans, personal and business loans, student loans and more.”

He adds, “The interest-free money history with President Lincoln is important because it sets legal precedent (stare decisis) for the nationwide return of constitutional interest-free money for us U.S. citizens.”

Piont proposes that citizens can take action to take back ownership of their Government’s money printing presses by getting “The Abraham Lincoln Banking Act” passed in the U.S. Congress.

“The plan is simple,” explains Piont. “People spread the name and news of this grass roots effort over their social networks and by word-of-mouth. And they contact their U.S. Congressman/Congresswoman and two U.S. Senators requesting passage of ‘The Abraham Lincoln Banking Act.'”

Piont makes it quick and easy for people to contact their elected representatives via his website.

For more information about President Lincoln’s constitutional interest-free money visit: .

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