PORT HURON, Mich. — With the world reeling toward the apocalypse and the advent of the Antichrist man, a 6,000 year old code has been broken by Dr. Eric vonAnderseck, of Second 8th Week Ministries, Inc., giving humanity an unprecedented inside view of how the Antichrist’s rule will be tied to the Antichrist spirit and Antichrist system, now at work in every level of mankind’s existence, even inside the church. In this one of a kind multi-genre book, “Breaking the Antichrist Code: The Blueprint of Deception” (ISBN: 1-4257-2605-4, Trade Paperback, 554pp.), Dr. vonAnderseck breaks open a 6,000 year old code, a code that has remained stealthily hidden, cloaked by being woven into the very fabric of civilization’s struggle for survival and supremacy, as well as into mankind’s need to understand his origin, purpose and destiny.

Breaking the Antichrist CodeRemoving the centuries of theological, mystical, mythical and cultural obscurities, Dr. vonAnderseck brings nearly 30 years of research into the mystery of the Antichrist spirit and system, unlocking the most intricately crafted network of knowledge systems purposefully generated to destroy the human race.

“Breaking the Antichrist Code: The Blueprint of Deception” provides many publishing firsts in this compelling book, including an investigation into angelic phenomena, angelic orders, angelic rank, angelic function and angelic power, both in the heavens, the earth and inside the human being. Additionally, he unmasks the Antichrist spirit as he conducts a ground breaking five part examination into Satan’s psychological history, providing the necessary backdrop to understanding Adam and Eve’s initial act of independence and how this has carried forward individually and collectively in the human psyche 6,000 years to the present day.

Identifying God’s prediction that an unsanctified hybrid race combining angelic DNA and human DNA would be produced, Dr. vonAnderseck reveals the 6,000 year physical and spiritual intercourse of angels with humans, and how the normalization of extraterrestrial life and hybrid races is rapidly culminating toward the acceptance of the Antichrist Man, His Mark, the Beast, and the False Prophet upon the earth. From the government agency NASA’s billion dollar budget to answer the question “Are we alone?” to archeologists’ question of “where did these ancient advanced civilizations come from?” to scholars’ questions of “where did all the religious confusion come from?” to today’s crop circle, UFO phenomena and the new exo-political movements for ET contact, we are given a unique inside perspective of how humanity is being prepared for the culmination of a 6,000 year old hostile angelic agenda.

Exposing Satan’s original 13 kingdoms and the proposed deception strategy of each, Dr. vonAnderseck pulls back the curtain of history to reveal how early cultures and religions were built on these 13 philosophic systems. Fascinating charts filled with ethnographic symbology themed to each of the 13 kingdoms spanning from the beginning of time to today’s phenomena of crop circle designs combined with skilled symbol interpretation provide a rich and revealing overview of 6,000 years of the cultural development with the Antichrist Code.

Never before have readers been given this examination of how the Antichrist Code has entrapped mankind, how vast the scope of deception is, and how deeply this code rules civilization as a support system for the human conscience, both of those in the world and in the church.

Dr. Eric vonAnderseck is a peerless apostolic/prophetic voice in these last days, giving the world and the church a critical, groundbreaking analysis of how the Antichrist spirit has successfully crafted thousands of false promises, manipulative practices, and paradoxical spiritual development models that lead to bondage, failure, frustration, confusion, and despair.

For the last 3 decades he has conducted independent, empirical research into the root cause and effects of “Exigent Faith,” documenting its psychological and spiritual impairment upon the soul through a 6 year clinical study of cross cultural, multi-denominational, international groups of worshippers. His conclusions are astounding and a literal last chance wake-up call for the church.

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