Build Your Own Garment (BYOG) releases a checklist of what to look for in high quality logo embroidery from an embroidery design studio. When using embroidery to represent an organization, the logo must be striking and memorable for all the right reasons.

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(DUBLIN, Calif., ) — NEWS: Build Your Own Garment (BYOG) releases a checklist of what to look for in high quality logo embroidery from an embroidery design studio. When using embroidery to represent an organization, the logo must be striking and memorable for all the right reasons.

The logo represents a brand – and that’s not something to take lightly. That said, not all embroidery is of equal quality. The selected embroidery company will make an impact on the turnout of the apparel.

To get the best product for the money, use this checklist when selecting an embroidery design studio for custom embroidered logo goods.

Type of Thread:
There are many types of thread and they are not all made the same. Cheaper threads will not withstand many washings or dry cleanings. Many high-volume embroidery shops opt for cheaper nylon thread rather than higher quality rayon thread. Ask the embroidery company about what type of thread they use in logo designs.

Number of Stitches in the Logo:
Another factor to consider is how many stitches will need to go into making the logo. On average, a corporate logo uses between 6,000-8,000 stitches. Stitches take time, and most shops can produce about 5 embroidered items per hour at 8,000 stitches each. At 6,000 stitches, shops can crank out 7 pieces per hour at the expense of the quality. While some shops use this to charge less, this does not ensure the highest quality work.

Wear and Tear:
In some cases, the embroidered logo designs will pucker or become misshapen after washing them. This is usually due to improper thread tension, too much thread pull, and mismatching backing. A good embroidery company selects the appropriate threading and backing to ensure that the logo will have the durability to withstand everyday wear and tear, and regular washing.

Design Digitization:
A strong embroidery company considers the type of fabric a logo is being embroidered onto along with the environment in which it will be worn. It is vital to ensure that the logo is noticeable and shows well on the type of fabric you select. Some companies digitize the logo and then stitch it out to make any necessary corrections to the design before proceeding with the order. Ask the embroidery company about design digitization before moving ahead with an order.

Compare Pricing & Samples:
While tempting, it is not a good idea to skimp on the cost for embroidery. Price is a great indicator of the quality of the shop. When prices are low, the company has to make up for that difference somewhere by cutting corners.

If more information about pricing and quality is necessary to decide, ask for an embroidery sample of the logo. Request samples from several embroidery design studios when comparing quality. After receiving the samples, check the design, the clarity, and the backing used. These are all indicators of quality.

Guaranteed Work:
What happens if the ordered embroidery doesn’t turn out as expected? Good embroidery companies will offer a guarantee on the order – meaning if anything is wrong with your order, they will redo it for free. Ask the embroidery company about a guarantee before placing an order.

Bonus Tip: When receiving a finished order, be sure to carefully inspect all of the apparel, especially the items closest to the bottom of the box. Some embroidery companies hide mistakes in the bottom of the box. This is where that guarantee will really help.

About Build Your Own Garment (BYOG):
Build Your Own Garment (BYOG) was founded by Cathileen Marchese in 1990. Today, BYOG is housed in a 15,000 square foot facility in Dublin, California, with a showroom, production warehouse, and corporate offices all under one roof. BYOG has two state-of-the-art automated presses and three top-of-the-line computerized embroidery machines. BYOG creates and produces custom apparel and branded promotional products for a wide range of corporate clients and professional sports organizations.

BYOG is officially collegiately licensed with several universities (i.e. The University of California Berkeley, Stanford, University of Davis, St. Mary’s University, San Jose State) and is proud to have served companies such as: Salesforce, NBC Sports, Twitch TV, INX International, Cox Media and Communications, Comcast, Pepsi, McDonalds, Clorox, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, PG&E, Chevron and many more. BYOG is your one stop solution for custom apparel and branded promotional products. Learn more:

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