CHICAGO, Ill. — Chef Michael Baruch, author of “The New Polish Cuisine,” creates another winner that touches the heartstrings of the city’s ethnically varied soulful cooking style. “Street Food Chicago” (ISBN: 0-9715313-1-5) sizzles with 25 mouthwatering chapters, 375 original recipes, 300 vivid photos and kitchen-friendly instructions.

Mike the chef, a sixth generation Pole, was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago. Hand-picked and trained by some of the best four star chefs in the city’s history, Mike’s work ethic has brought his food service company La Baruch Cuisine Moderne awards, accolades and recognition as a leader in recipe development for start-up operations worldwide.

The author’s writing career began 5 years ago with his first self-published cookbook, “The New Polish Cuisine” (ISBN: 0-9715313-9-0). A cooking stint with Julia Child back in the 1980s fueled his appetite to become an author.

Street Food Chicago Disenchanted with the publishing industry, Baruch self-published a classic that drew attention from the White House and the ambassador of Poland. Baruch received an award in 2005 from the Polish American Association for his contribution and involvement in advancing Polish culture. The Pol-Am Journal reviewed and named Baruch’s work as “the best Polish-American cookbook ever written.” Also The Warsaw Voice praised the work as having “unsurpassed attention to detail that elevates Polish cuisine to aristocratic heights.”

“Street Food Chicago” has been a work in progress for the last 2 years. While on the road promoting his first book, Mike was deluged with requests for Chicago style food recipes. So he interviewed a thousand fellow weary travelers to get their perception of Chicago’s street food as ideas for a new book. Another self-published work, Street Food showcases the most popular recipes of the best local foods Chicago’s streets have to offer. From pizza, beef and hot dogs to Thai, Mexican and Soul, Chef Mike captures the city’s classics in a new and exciting style.

Midwest Book Review gives Street Food Chicago 5 stars as “an impressive compendium of culinary delights and as a very highly recommended addition to personal and community library ethnic cookbook collections.”

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