HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — Rev. Maria Mejias, founder of Chosen Beings of Light, is expanding her Children & Teen Healing Program to include a summer energy camp scheduled for July – Sept. 2007, as well as morning and after-school energy programs for the gifted children and teens (ages 3 – 18).

Parents, relatives and caregivers of gifted children and teens, should consider the benefits of a unique after-school program with extracurricular activities dedicated to enhancing their relationship with their child while assisting the children in nurturing the relationship with themselves. Children value love and integrity which when augmented with the Children & Teen Healing Program elevate their self-esteem, self-worth and intellect – leading to a child that feels confident from the heart and not the ego and enables them to feel connected to their spirit. Results include children who are able to live from their incredible innate gifts; children who grow up to be conscious co-creators of a harmonious, nurturing community.

Each element of the Children & Teen Healing Program, whether it is the camp or before/after school sessions, is carefully designed with a specific purpose the children. This Energy Camp – especially created for the purpose of honoring, healing and helping children – offers a special curriculum that will include healing sessions, yoga classes, meditation and fun activities that will help the children channel their energy into a positive flow, helping them to release any anger, anxiety, frustrations, distractions and unloving behaviors; diminishing stress, creating openness, ease, peace and positive communication channels.

Attending parents and children will receive monthly reports of their growth and achievements. Children, teens and adults exposed to unconditional love, Reiki healing energy, crystals and brain stimulation improve their health, perceptivity, behavior and reactions.

According to Reverend Maria, children are easily misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Her team’s mission is to help the children and teens channel, integrate untied emotions, manage their feelings and accept their strengths in order to cope positively with themselves, parents, family, relatives and society.

Rev. Maria Mejias is a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and researcher for the Metaphysical and Healing Arts. She has extensive experience working with energy and emotions channeling, spiritual guidance, teaching and healing children. Her private practice located in the area of Aventura/Hallandale is a source for peace, wisdom, healing and enlightenment. Her gifts as lightworker, soul-guide, healer, teacher, intuitive and spiritual counselor allow her to connect energetically and bond with the youth, identify and address their specials needs and help them integrate into this world physical, emotional, spiritual and mental demands.

“We are currently accepting appointments and registrations for camp term July – September 2007 and also for the morning and after-school programs,” says Mejias. “We welcome ages 3-6, 7-10, 11-14 and teens 15-18. Call us at (786) 419-1920.”

“We invite lightworkers, organizations and businesses inclined to the cause of children and have the desire to help by making contribution, we gladly accept your donation. Donations are used to sponsor children who would like to join our programs but are unable to due to financial constraints. So we have sponsorships opportunities available for them.”

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