PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Executives from Pittsburgh-based GSP Consulting will present to a gathering of economic development leaders from around the country at a national conference this week in Baltimore. Dr. Jerry Paytas, Director of Research in GSP’s Economic Architecture practice, will lead a discussion titled “Best TBED (Technology Based Economic Development) Practices…to Avoid,” on October 18 at the State Science and Technology Institute’s (SSTI) 11th Annual Conference.

The presentation will focus on why industry “best practices” are not one-size fits all, and how there can be lackluster results when one region simply “copies” a program from another without considering their unique issues and challenges. Many high-priced consultants are running around the country today selling the concept of “best practices” without the proper regional context of when and how to use the many strategies.

“We hope to that this presentation debunks the notion that a “best-practice” is a quick and easy way to create technology-based economic development programs,” Paytas commented. “We’ve gathered some great examples of best-practices gone bad to demonstrate that TBED should be a region-specific strategy. Those in attendance will walk away with a firm understanding of critical pitfalls to avoid in their technology-development strategy.”

The SSTI conference, titled Transforming Regional Economies, is scheduled for October 18 and 19 in Baltimore and promises to offer participants access to the latest thinking and best practices in tech-based economic development. Keynote speakers and breakout sessions will allow participants to explore the more important issues of tech-based economic development with their peers from around the country.

Prior to leading research efforts at GSP Consulting, Dr. Paytas was at the helm of Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Economic Development for several years. He, along with GSP’s team of professionals in the Economic Architecture practice, have decades of experience in economic development, and more specifically, technology-based economic development.

Practice director, Rich Overmoyer, has been at the forefront of TBED initiatives since serving as a Deputy Secretary in Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development under Governor Ed Rendell. With GSP, he has developed the Economic Architecture practice into a nationally-known group within GSP that provides economic development research, strategies and implementation blueprints. Economic Architecture professionals serve a national client base as well as GSP’s other state and federal practice areas. Their clients include bioscience and technology organizations, non-profits, local and state governments and other economic development groups.

About GSP Consulting Corp.
Founded in 2001, GSP Consulting Corp. is a full service consulting firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa. Comprised of three practice areas – Federal and State Government Affairs, Development Services and Economic Architecture, the firm has successfully served hundreds of clients throughout the U.S. Since its founding, GSP experts have authored revolutionary public policy, designed and launched ground-breaking economic development initiatives, secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, and built longstanding relationships and networks at all levels of government. With offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Southern United States, their diverse client portfolio includes technology, manufacturing, life sciences companies, as well as developers, municipalities, economic development agencies and non-profit organizations.

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