MyHealthGate, Inc. Partners with Amy’s Kitchen

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — In a move that highlights their commitment to equipping their users with the best information on how to lead healthy lifestyles, MyHealthGate, Inc. ( has partnered with a leading natural foods company, Amy’s Kitchen (

“The partnership between Amy’s and MyHealthGate just makes sense,” says Hooman Abrishami, President of MyHealthGate, Inc., “Amy’s is committed to producing delicious, nutritious meals made from natural and organic food, and MyHealthGate caters to users who are not willing to compromise their health.” Abrishami asserts that both companies support the concept of producing very high quality foods that encourage wellness.

MyHealthGate Under the agreement Amy’s Kitchen is now a premium sponsor of’s diet and nutrition section. In turn, MyHealthGate provides advertising, editorial content, product evaluation, and information regarding Amy’s products. The two companies will also engage in cross-promotional marketing campaigns.

“It’s great to get involved with MyHealthGate at this early stage,” says Michelle Erbs, Marketing Manager at Amy’s Kitchen, “We like the demographics of their site membership and growth pattern. They have the type of consumers that buy Amy’s products, so it’s a natural fit.”

“We’re very excited to have entered into this agreement with Amy’s, and are working on additional relationships for our other site areas,” explains MyHealthGate’s Director of Marketing Ada Vaughan. “We hope to find more major brands whose values are similarly aligned, and to provide them with visibility to our loyal users.”

Amy’s is the nation’s leading natural foods brand and offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, including several international entrees. The family-owned business was founded in order to provide busy, health-conscious people with healthy, convenient alternatives to home-cooked meals.

MyHealthGate is a web community where people with wellness-related interests can share their experiences and learn from each other. It was founded on the belief that our everyday choices, such as the food that we eat and the activities that we engage in, have a profound effect on our health and well being. The founders of MyHealthGate believe that by making adjustments to our lifestyle, we are able to minimize risk for many diseases, overcome chronic conditions, and optimize our well being. MyHealthGate provides an open and flexible environment so users can express themselves freely, post original content, and communicate with each other.

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