SUNRISE, Fla. — Interim HealthCare is partnering with W, the woman’s show in an upcoming 30 minute television special program that explores the challenges and choices people face when themselves or loved ones need special care at home due to medical problems or aging. With the focus on the most requested choice – remaining in their home – the special program takes a look at home health care, how it works, who provides it and the many services that are available. Interviews with medical experts and engaging stories about families facing home health care related issues will give viewers insight and understanding into this important part of family life.

“This is a topic of serious interest to women and families,” says Russ Cooper, CEO of Interim HealthCare. “The great majority of family caregivers are women – a quarter of whom care for both older parents and their own children at the same time; many of them are also juggling work schedules, which leaves little time for personal life. Many women are not aware of the choices they have available and this program will help educate them about all aspects of home health care.”

According to an AARP survey, 82% of mid-life and older Americans prefer not to move from home if they need help caring for themselves. Also, a number of procedures that used to be performed in a hospital setting can now be provided at home such as heart monitoring. Both of these factors play a key role in the growing value of home health and senior care services.

Guests on the show include physicians and a geriatric social worker who explain the importance of coordinating patients’ needs with home care options. Also interviewed is Lori Millman, a franchisee from Interim HealthCare in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who discusses questions people should ask when they choose a health care company.

The special 30 minute TV program will initially air on We: Women’s Entertainment Thursday, October 25th at 7 am EDT, Lifetime Real Women, Sunday, October 28th 9am EDT. Check local cable listings for other times and dates. The show can also be viewed on a special educational website,, which provides additional information on show times and home health care.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is the nation’s oldest proprietary national organization providing health care personnel at all skill levels in all settings. Through one of the country’s most comprehensive network of more than 300 offices, Interim HealthCare provides diverse services including home health care, senior care, health care staffing and occupational health. Interim employs more than 75,000 health care workers and provides services to approximately 50,000 people each day.

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