LAS VEGAS, Nev. — In today’s global marketplace, business communication and collaboration can be a challenge. That’s why iConference, Inc. announces a new service that uses innovative software technology to make business communication easier and more cost effective. Perfect for small or large meetings, and presentations and trainings via the Internet, iConferenceSystem is a professional, powerful and affordable VoIP, video web conferencing and collaboration system.

Businesses find the service convenient and cost effective because it eliminates costly long distance telephone or conference call fees; hotel charges; travel costs and more.

iConference, Inc iConferenceSystem redefines the desktop computer and turns any PC into a multi- functional, rich-media presentation system. It’s ideal for delivering online events such as sales meetings, distance learning courses, or corporate training.

“One aspect of the iConference suite that we are very proud of is our room-management system. This proprietary software provides our clients with 24/7 room-management facilities as well as multiple access points including a personalized gateway for their guests,” Andrew Faridani, President, iConference, Inc. said.

Conference sizes typically range from three to 100, but larger parties can be accommodated. The system is easy to use, but corporate trainers are available, if needed.

This virtual classroom provides an array of services and features that include: multi web cams, high-quality voice and video, shared desktop applications, text chat, whiteboard, web site “follow-me” browser, personal markers and pointers, sound effects, full audio/visual meeting record into MP3 format for later review/distribution, and much more.

iConferenceSystem provides two access methods: peer-to-peer software access for the full multi-media experience; and browser-based IC broadcast access for attending and viewing presentations.

So, who can use iConference? Most PCs are compatible with iConference. Minimum system requirements are: an Internet connection; Windows 2000 or XP; 6 MB of hard disk space for installation; and DirectX 8.1 or higher is required for Voice over IP or Webcam (video) — DirectX 9.0 is recommended.

iConferenceSystem sets the standard for online audio visual presentations. They are a full service Nevada-based corporation specializing in state-of-the art Internet audio/video conferencing and collaboration software. The system runs on dedicated Microsoft servers and has a 99 percent uptime.

iConferenceSystem requires no long-term contracts. To learn more, schedule a demonstration, or to view an educational video, visit:

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