NEW YORK, N.Y. — The Natural Sapphire Company ( has placed on sale the largest natural blue sapphire in the United States. The 129ct rough sapphire crystal was discovered in the world famous gem mines of Sri Lanka (formerly “Ceylon”) in 1952. The first cutting yielded an 80ct sapphire. It was then sold to a British family and in private ownership until the late 1990’s.

At this time it was re-cut for a more perfect shape and better symmetry in order to improve its light and color reflection. The sapphire is now in its best form weighing in at an amazing 69.53cts. and conservatively priced at $417,000.

Natural SapphireThe color and clarity are exceptional. It is a one of a kind gemstone for the ultimate collector. Michael Arnstein the 3rd generation gem cutter at The Natural Sapphire Company has described it as “you have to not only be wealthy to own this, you have to be lucky to have the opportunity to purchase it.”

The Natural Sapphire Company (founded in 1939) is a specialty gemstone company only dealing with natural untreated sapphires of the finest quality. They have offices in New York, Colombo Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Mumbai and soon opening in Tokyo. The Natural Sapphire Company supplies upscale retailers, manufacturers and private clients with the world’s finest sapphires.

Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors. The primary colors are blue, pink, yellow, and a pinkish-orange combination called a “padparadscha.” The most popular sapphire are the famous blue sapphires that have been adorned by royalty. Blue sapphires have been used as a popular engagement ring stone since Princess Diana was engaged with a magnificent natural blue sapphire ring. Sapphire engagement rings have grown in demand steadily as many consumers seek out non-diamond type engagement gemstones.

To see the largest collection of sapphires in the world, visit The Natural Sapphire Company online at:

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