CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ NEWS: Top entrepreneurs participating in the State Department’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Entrepreneurship Journey will arrive in Chicago this week to begin their 14-day program. The entrepreneurs, from Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Uganda, will experience a customized and highly curated program – workshops, mentoring, and interactions – with the hundreds of startups and accomplished entrepreneurs located at 1871, Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for digital startups.

US Department of StateThese talented innovators were selected from GIST events and competitions held in their country or region. They created technological solutions that, for example, benefit the hearing impaired, facilitate employment for women engineers, and increase access to education. GIST entrepreneurs are driving economic development, tackling social needs and promoting gender equality.

Illinois is a state with a strong history of research and innovation and is a destination for international startups. Chicago was selected to host the GIST Journey due to its strong technology community of world-class research universities, technology startups, innovation hubs and investors that seek to turn ideas and talent, both local and global, into scalable products and companies.

On June 12th, Jonathan Margolis, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Science, Space and Health will open the GIST Journey’s Demo Day at 1871.

All remarks will be open to the press. Please register for the event at and select “press” as the ticket type for access. A press nametag will be provided upon registration at the event.

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