WESTERLY, R.I. — Every second counts in an emergency. Life-Prints child ID software prepares parents for child emergencies, by digitizing medical records, photos, contact information and more. Life-Prints is now available at Toys”R”Us. A special promotion will run from Dec 6 – 12th and Dec 20 – 26th, where all customers purchasing a netbook at Toys”R”Us will be eligible for a 20 percent discount off the regular price of Life-Prints (

“We buckle our kids’ seatbelts and make sure they wear bicycle helmets,” said Life-Prints Chairman John J. Holmgren.

“Life-Prints software is the next logical step in child protection. Life-Prints is the only child safety product that can immediately distribute life saving information nationwide to U.S. law enforcement agencies through their own network 24/7.”

About Life-Prints LLC:
Founded in 2004 in partnership with D.A.R.E. America; through the development and marketing of innovative child safety solutions, Life-Prints fulfills the demand for high speed dissemination of emergency information to assist authorities in finding missing children, elderly adults or disabled individuals.

About Life-Prints child ID software:
* Easy to use and update.
* The highest safety rating issued by the NSA (AES 256).
* 1G Flash Drive included.
* Secured private document and video storage (e.g. wills, x-rays, etc.)
* Organizes, stores and protects medical records.
* EFT file format for compatible law enforcement access.
* Will transmit files via the Internet 24/7.
* Printable forms are included for easy documentation and use.
* Ideal for study abroad students and overseas travelers.
* A portion of every sale is donated to D.A.R.E.

For more information on Life-Prints please visit .