MERIDEN, Conn. — The American Bar Association (“ABA”) recently re-appointed Houston Putnam Lowry as one of their representatives to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (“ECOSOC”). Attorney Lowry has represented the ABA (and other organizations, including the Economic Commission of Europe) at the United Nations for years on a variety of topics.

“Working on legal problems at the United Nations keeps our firm on the cutting edge,” says Lowry. “We have dealt with electronic commerce arbitration, sale of goods, negotiable instruments and social issues, such as AIDS. Helping to shape international law gives us a unique perspective on where the law is, where the law is going and issues our clients will face in today’s global economy.”

Lowry’s practice includes domain name issues that face businesses that have (or hope to have) a presence on the Internet. He has handled more that 100 domain name disputes. He is certified as a Chartered Arbitrator by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London.

Brown & Welsh has a national reputation in business law (domestic and international) and related litigation, arbitration and mediation, including contracts, Uniform Commercial Code (sale of goods, promissory notes, electronic transfer of funds, letters of credit and security interests), bankruptcy, and computer law (including domain name disputes and identity theft).

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