BOSTON, Mass. — Moda Cucina will continue to manufacture its nationally recognized luxury kitchens and custom furniture designs in its Hyde Park’s Westinghouse Plaza facility for another eight years. Moda Cucina designs, manufactures, and installs custom kitchens and woodwork for luxury residential clients.

In recent weeks, there has been speculation as to the status of Moda Cucina’s shop after it was announced by a regional newspaper that rumors of a closure had emerged due to the property owner’s plans to convert the industrial space to condos. “Nothing could be further from the truth, we have been very vocal and concerned about the project and possible impact to us, but we have been pushing ahead with our business full steam,” comments General Manager Paul Hatziiliades.

“There was one particular newspaper article that we feel was irresponsible as it grossly misquoted me and made matters sound absurdly bad.”

Hatziiliades and his staff had a productive meeting last week with Mr. Carl Valeri, President and COO of the property owner, Hamilton Company. The meeting outlined construction schedules, collaboration during construction, and other logistics.

“The result was that we have obtained a letter from the Hamilton Company that allays most of our concerns. Most importantly, we will not have to move. It’s always nice when people meet face to face and cut through the nonsense and come to a resolution that is workable for both sides, this was one of those cases. We would like to thank the Hamilton Company as well as the excellent staff at the City of Boston’s BRA office for making this possible.”

About Moda Cucina
Moda Cucina designs, manufactures, and installs custom kitchens and woodwork for luxury residential clients. Their work is available direct through the Boston design center showroom for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. Moda Cucina is a member of the US Green Building Council, and is on the cutting edge of environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Their designs are known to be unlike anything previously custom manufactured in the USA, as they feature finishes and technologies previously only available in Europe.

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