BANGALORE, India — Remo Software today announced a new feature called “Controlled Access Mode” for Remo MORE. This new feature offers one of the most requested updates which adds new capability that allows to block apps and internet usage.

This could be of great help to parents who are worried about their kid’s over usage of devices and internet. Remo MORE Controlled Access Mode allows parents to block installed apps, games and internet on kid’s devices indefinitely; also it can be configured to allow usage only during specified time, turning the device useless rather than a distraction at other times.

Omer Faiyaz, CEO of Remo Software says, “While more families are signing up for Remo MORE, they are also bringing in valuable feedback and we are always listening. This new feature is like a switch which will turn the device mode from smart to useless.”

Key Features of Controlled Access Mode includes:
– In Android devices, only phone dialler will be accessible. It will restrict access to installed apps including internet browsers.
– In iPhone, all third party apps will be blocked. Only apps supported by Apple can be accessed (including Facetime & messages). Browsing apps including Safari will be blocked.
– In Windows PC, Microsoft default apps (Notepad, MS Office etc.) will be accessible, however Skype, Microsoft messenger and other third party apps along with internet browsing will remain disabled.
– In Mac, internet browsing & third party apps will be disabled. Default Apple apps remain accessible excluding Facetime & messaging apps.
– Controlled Access Mode can be enabled indefinitely or scheduled to work on pre-set timings for each day.

Remo MORE is Available on:
Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac.

Pricing & Availability:
Remo MORE is available on Remo’s official website and is free for 2 devices.

About Remo Software:
Remo Software is a consumer software company – focused on making technology easier for non-tech users. The company offers a wide range of consumer software that interoperate on various platforms to enable users to recover, manage and optimize their data efficiently. Learn more about Remo software’s entire line-up of products at Remo Software official website.

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