SuperLife World Service Site Visitors Can Vote for New Year Favorite Prediction

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. — New terror attack? Pandemic? Recession? Killer bees? No! Only positive predictions, please. That’s the attitude of Richard W. Samson, founder of SuperLife World Service, a web network that made its debut last month. “Enough bad news, already,” says Samson.

“We deserve a really good year for a change.” So he’s making only positive predictions for 2008. Visitors may vote for their favorite, at .

SuperLife World Service If any one of the six comes true, “2008 will be a fantastic year,” says Samson. “And we’ll be on a great new track.”

The predictions:
* EMPOWERMENT SURGE: Millions of net-powered citizens act directly, bypassing slow government.

* HOT GREEN BUSINESS: Environmental and energy solutions bloom as green becomes THE money thing.

* WANING POVERTY: An uptrend in global wealth signals upcoming plenty for all.

* 9/11 CLARITY: Following new disclosures and reform, the U.S. launches humanitarian surge.

* MENTAL DEFENSE INITIATIVE: At least one nation cuts crime and terror by deploying meditators and prayers.

* UFO DISCLOSURE: Access to alien technology is gained as key officials acknowledge 60-year cover-up.

After voting for the prediction they most want to come true, visitors may join SuperLife (free), and “help it happen” by networking with like-minded people, watching videos, and joining forums.

No matter what the issue, SuperLife is an organization that takes an upbeat approach. For example, one member spearheads holistic solutions to post traumatic stress disorder. Another provides artistic therapeutics for personal growth and fun. Others make life better through green building, consciousness enhancement, and more.

Featured experts, all at the cutting edge, include leaders in medicine, biotechnology, physics, electronics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, business, the arts, and community development.

SuperLife is an offering of EraNova Institute, a New Jersey think tank directed by Samson.

Samson introduced the concepts of hyper-human skills, hyperjobs, and the hyper-human economy in Futurist Magazine in 2004 and 2005. An expert on mental skills, he has published 10 books and served as consultant to IBM, AT&T, and other leading organizations.

More information on SuperLife:

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