IndiegogoORLANDO, Fla. /eNewsChannels/ — In response to the growing number of concerns regarding children’s safety on the internet, The Children’s Internet created the KidWideWeb, a software platform that keeps kids safe online. This internet security platform will protect children from adult-oriented online content, prevent children from meeting sexual predators online, keep kids from landing on sites not appropriate for their age, and prohibit them from engaging in inappropriate and/or malicious communications.

David Lampel, president of The Children’s Internet, said: “The Children’s Internet needs to raise $200,000 in thirty days to finish development and launch the program. It plans on launching its crowdfunding project through Indiegogo.”

Lampel is appealing to thousands of potential investors in 196 countries through, an innovative online resource that ranks as the world’s largest crowdfunding platform.

“Indiegogo investors have funded more than 100,000 projects and we are thrilled for the KidWideWeb to become a part of their story,” said Lampel, who noted the funds will be used for software upgrades and updates and expanding its artificial intelligence algorithm.

Indiegogo features projects that range from movies and art to small business ventures to heart transplants and cancer treatment. The site allows the venture to develop an online appeal to their thousands of participants and potential supporters, who decide whether or not to contribute. investors make small contributions to innovative ventures with budgets that range from a few dollars to more than $1 million.

The Children’s Internet is a client of the award-winning University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program and its creative arm is enhanced by IDEAS of Orlando, a former Division of Disney Studios. The KidWideWeb project has received tremendous administrative and creative support, although for crowd-funded ventures to be successful, these projects have to generate significant interest at a grassroots level.

Whether KidWideWeb receives all of its requested funding or not depends on how much interest Lampel and his team can generate for the project. “You can easily find our project by visiting our website and clicking on the crowdfunding project link, or going directly to our project link on Indiegogo,” Lampel said.

For additional information on the KidWideWeb, visit and/or go to their fundraising site You can contact us directly at or 213-632-8211 (office).

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