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Opinion: Republican Town Hall Meeting

OPINION: People see the GOP as an out-of-touch, uncaring, heartless, backward, ignorant, and dangerous group of people who drape themselves in the flag as they pursue an ugly and vicious form of anti-Americanism. The GOP can't figure out why.
Good Golly Miss Molly: welcome to the writing of Molly Ivins

Good Golly Miss Molly: welcome to the writing of Molly Ivins

ARTICLE: Sense, sensibility, sarcasm, and spot-on skewering of political blowhards and buffoons: welcome to the writing of Molly Ivins. Beginning as a staff writer for the scrappy Texas Observer before moving on to the major-market New York Times, Molly Ivins enjoyed a brilliant career that raised the collective consciousness about US politics.
Author John Scott G

Crazy is as Crazy Does

OPINION: We all know someone who is not quite "all there." The normal human connections with the world are missing, twisted, or distorted. Interacting...

Book Review: 'The Righteous Mind' by Jonathan Haidt

REVIEW: Jonathan Haidt grabs onto the twin time-bombs of American punditry, politics and religion, and does so from an amazingly optimistic point-of-view. He combines...
Author john Scott G - CREDIT: Brian Forest

Secret Sex – A Book Alive Online: Chapter 48 – Stardust

eNewsChannels BOOK SERIAL: "Secret Sex, A Book Alive Online," written and lived by John Scott G: Chapter 48 - "Stardust" (conclusion). Previously on "Secret Sex"...

Book Review: 'As Texas Goes…' by Gail Collins

REVIEW: The litany of deceit, stupidity, outrage, and perfidy from the lone-brain-cell state is remarkably terrifying, yet Gail Collins is such a good writer...
Author John Scott G

Pro vs. Con: A Friendly Chat Between a Progressive and Conservative

eNewsChannels Column: The know-nothings really need to have a few facts presented to them, as you'll find if you try to have a reasonable...

Patriot Acts: Taking Pride in This President

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Too many times, the use of words such as 'patriot' and 'patriotism' comes from a highly politicized place. The terms become part of campaign speeches or commercials. Let's examine some acts that can be accurately called patriotic.

Opinion: Local Politics or Loco Politics

eNewsChannels COLUMN: A guilty-as-charged politician gets advice about his court case. A campaign contribution is made to obtain more community service. This is how it works at the local level. Note: all names in this article have been changed.

Hate and Fear, Inc.

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Politics is sometimes the art of perception. If you can define the way people discuss a topic, you are a few steps...