NEW ORLEANS, La. /eNewsChannels/ — While most New Orleanians have been focused on LSU and Saints football, one local resident has put football aside for the moment to help a family in need. Devoting a portion of his company’s time and resources through the recent Christmas holidays and new year, Ciro Pennino, owner of Trinity Electric, LLC is helping one local couple finally get back into their home by providing complete electrical rewiring services and making the home ready to pass city code inspections. Displaced since Hurricane Katrina, the Smith family has been fighting an uphill battle to get back to the place they’ve always called home.

“There’s a lot of talk about community, but I think small businesses have the resources to really help out more in our local community,” said Pennino. A certified Master Electrician with over 15 years experience, Pennino said it’s often easier to write a check than to give of your time.

“When I met Mr. and Mrs. Smith I could discern a real need. They were real genuine people that I just felt compelled to help. They’ve been displaced since Katrina. It’s a real sad story. A lot of us have moved on since Katrina, however they’ve been trying to get in their home. They also have aluminum wiring that they’ve had some problems with. So we’re here to be a blessing to them and try to get them back into their house.”

Ronell and Sylvia Smith were displaced from New Orleans and stayed with friends in Albany, Georgia after the storm. While they’ve been working their way back home since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a bout of illness and lay-offs delayed their progress in renovating their home.

“A lot of times we could do things for ourselves,” Ronell Smith shared. “We used to do everything. But now we’ve gotten a little older and we’ve slowed down and things are not as easy as they used to be. We knew we were out of our league trying to get something like this done. We needed to get someone who could get it done and trust God.”

Pennino, an aluminum wiring specialist, seemed to fit the bill as he regularly consults homeowners on their options to eliminate electrical issues caused by aluminum wiring.

While aluminum wiring is not the only reason Pennino ends up on service calls, he believes homeowners are foregoing routine maintenance far too often. “The Safety Foundation International recommends a full blown safety inspection for any home that’s 40 years old, that’s had a major renovation, that’s changing hands from one owner to the next, or has had a major appliance added.” When summing up the number of houses that fall into at least one of these categories, Pennino says almost every homeowner is in need of a routine safety inspection.

“Our goal is to keep families and businesses safe,” Pennino revealed. “At the end of the day, my company is about safety and the community and we’re blessed because of it.”

Trinity Electric is a family owned and operated Christian company based in the greater New Orleans metropolitan area. Goldman Sachs recently selected Trinity Electric, LLC to participate in its 10,000 Small Businesses initiative in the metro-New Orleans area. Small business owners accepted into the program study accounting, human resources, negotiation, and marketing and gain access to practical business and management education, potential capital to expand, business and alumni support services.

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