Washington, DC /eNewsChannels/ — The Governments of the United States and Germany held a Science and Technology Agreement signing ceremony today at the U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg signed the agreement on behalf of the United States, and German Minister of Education and Research Dr. Annette Schavan and German Ambassador Klaus Scharioth signed the bilateral agreement on behalf of Germany. Assistant Secretary Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones of the Bureau of Oceans, and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs also participated in the ceremony.

This bilateral umbrella science and technology agreement will facilitate the initiation and implementation of future activities between German and American scientists by providing an overall framework for cooperation. The agreement will also serve as a mechanism to address any obstacles to cooperation, as well as bring various agencies and research institutes together to address cross-cutting scientific issues while providing mutual scientific, social, and economic benefits.

In addition to the bilateral agreement, the U.S. and Germany signed two Memoranda of Understanding in the fields of energy and cancer research. Under the two arrangements, the U.S. and Germany will further cooperation to address global challenges in energy, food security, climate change, ocean and water sciences, and health, including the fields of stem cell research and rare diseases.

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