BOSTON, Mass. — Technology Insight Corporation (TIC) was recently acknowledged for their product excellence. Wabash National Corporation, a leading manufacturer of semi-trailers in North America, awarded TIC the National Supplier Recognition Award.

“Technology Insight went above and beyond Wabash’s expectations and we wanted to recognize them for their valuable contribution to our company,” Ray Fattore, Director of Strategic Sourcing for Wabash National Corporation, said.

Technology Insight Corp The award was presented to Technology Insight during Wabash National’s recent annual event for its suppliers; they were the only award recipient.

“With Technology Insight’s expertise, Wabash was able to integrate several purchasing and accounts payable systems into one consolidated database within six weeks,” Fattore said. “This capability has allowed us to leverage our spending power to reduce costs and to improve delivery performance from our suppliers. We have also received outstanding-operational reporting enhancements as our implementation matures, allowing us to better control our procurement processes.”

As a technology company, it’s exciting for Technology Insight to achieve this recognition from a manufacturing company.

“We strive to leverage technology to empower our customers to maximize business information, whether it is for increasing operational efficiency, identifying breakdown in business process or analyzing spend to best leverage a company’s supplier base,” Karl Andersson, founder of Technology Insight, said. “With Wabash, their Strategic Sourcing group utilized the information to make an immediate impact to the bottom line, plus develop a path for future savings.”

According to Andersson, Technology Insight’s unique understanding of the purchase-to-pay cycle and extensive experience with numerous ERP systems enables their company to deliver 100 percent visibility of data across all systems for detailed, comprehensive analysis that can truly impact the bottom line.

“Companies can’t get this level of analysis from their IT group,” Andersson added.

About Technology Insight:
Technology Insight specializes in providing Fortune 2000 Accounts Payable and Supply Chain organizations with secure, web-based data analysis solutions. These services enable these groups to overcome the challenge of multiple A/P or Purchasing systems and high-transaction volume.

Technology Insight’s solution combines 100 percent visibility with detailed analysis to empower these companies to: increase efficiency, identify breakdown in business process, to perform detailed spend analysis, and to increase duplicate payment identification and recovery.

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