personal developmentHAZMIYAH, Lebanon /eNewsChannels/ — Xismat Consulting announced this week the launch of, a 360-degree, one-of-a-kind feedback development portal to aid with leadership and personal development. And – it’s completely free. is based on extensive research that has proven 360-degree feedback, coupled with coaching, to be effective in the development of executives around the world. It encourages and empowers people to engage, collaborate, and to build strong communities around shared aspirations.

And, since it has been so overwhelmingly successful in the workplace, Xismat decided to design a tool that could also be valuable to assist people in their personal development.

“Our one-of-a-kind approach integrates social aspects into a 360-degree feedback concept,” explains Diana Seyouri, managing director for Xismat.

“We have removed the strict corporate model widely used by executives, but have kept the design true to itself.” makes feedback fun in a safe and anonymous environment. It allows people to learn about themselves through the eyes of others such as peers, friends and family, and to choose their own competencies to rate.

SelfStir gives people the ability to explore and assess 23 areas of competencies such as compassion/empathy; self awareness; inspiring trust; openness; positive attitude; influence without authority; collaboration; communication; empowerment; consultative decision making; vision and purpose; and wisdom.

SelfStir is designed for everyone. The system provides a comprehensive set of leadership development tools that are easy to use. It all begins with the survey and highlights strengths and weaknesses; it allows users to review results and to connect with others for support. Users will receive recommendations for areas of development and action planning. Journaling and access to professional coaches is also a plus. The system allows users to better understand themselves and gives them space for personal development and reflection in their careers, families and communities.

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About Xismat:

The professional and diverse team at Xismat believes in protecting, sustaining and developing the environment that we all live in. Its mission is to encourage and empower people to treat each other with respect and to serve the common good. It is a values-based organization that is working to help make the world a better place.

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