HOBOKEN, N.J. — Sugar Lips is a collection of high-quality, long-lasting lip glosses that let you unleash both your nice and naughty sides. These moisture enriched glosses with deliciously flirty names like “Kiss My Cinnabuns” and “Ride ’em Raspberry” are the perfect accessory for a polished yet sexy look. When applied, you’ll experience their sweet taste, luscious flavor and a pleasant tingling sensation. Because they’re edible and sugar-free, they can be applied elsewhere on the body for more creative uses.

“Women are increasingly turning to cosmetics products that have multiple uses and we’re eager to tap into that trend,” explains president Nicole Matthias. She adds, “We believe that the Sugar Lips glosses will fill a need for women looking to feel sexy both in and out of the bedroom.”

These elegantly packaged lip glosses come in six different colors ranging from a light pink to a soft brown and are meant to compliment women of every skin tone. They are formulated with castor oil, jojoba oil, and soybean oil which help to moisturize and soften for extremely kissable lips. And, the Sugar Lips glosses are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals.

The Sugar Lips collection includes the following shades:
* Ride ’em Raspberry
* Lick My Strawberry
* Pump Me Colada
* Kiss My Cinnabuns
* Whip Me Cream

Sugar Lips glosses are available online at for $14.50

About BadFun is an online adult boutique that offers a safe non-threatening online experience for adults looking for the latest in personal care products and erotic toys. Founded in 2005 by Dartmouth graduate Nicole Matthias, BadFun’s mission is to help others enhance partner intimacy and celebrate their sexuality with a renewed confidence and most important, bad fun! Customers can shop discreetly online at

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