SAINT LOUIS, Mo. — Pre-teen and tween girls love wearing the hottest fashions expressing their unique style. If they can do it on a MySpace or Facebook page naturally they want to state their point of view in fashion, too. XpressIt Designs lets girls share what they want to say on colorful, fun belts perfect for jeans. It’s the coolest new way for girls to make a statement without saying a word. The XpressIt Designs belt is the brainchild of designer James Androuais. Androuais starts with a colorful, leather-like belt with eyelet holes all the way around and a silver tone buckle. Metallic grommets about the size of a penny called Twistonz affix through the holes around the belt with a quick twist spelling out messages.

Fashion savvy girls can spell out their names or a unique message. They also can choose Twistonz with clever sayings like “BFF,” “OMG,” “Hot” and “I Hate Boys” to name a few. There are also Twistonz with adorable characters like “Flopsy” the bunny, “Lambo” a smiling sheep, “Pokey” the turtle, Shopping bag and more.

The belts are a little over an inch in width, just right to fit through most jean belt loops with ease. They are offered in girl-friendly colors including this season’s hottest yellow, bright red, lime green, aqua blue, bubblegum pink and optic white. Currently the customizable belts can be purchased at

Androuais, age 22, says, “The trend is for girls to express themselves in many ways. Gone are the days of ‘don’t speak unless spoken to’ and that’s healthy. I saw the crazy popularity of websites like MySpace and Facebook and how much girls love sharing their point of view, their thoughts and their feelings. I thought it would be great for girls, who are little fashionistas anyway, to have an age-appropriate way to express themselves that could be altered to reflect her mood and every time she gets dressed for school in the morning. XpressIt belts make a statement that’s personal to every girl who wears one.”

An unlikely fashion designer, St. Louis, MO based Androuais says, “I have a very detail-oriented mind. I first developed the idea of the Twistonz fastener. Then I thought it would be great to put it on a belt and make it for girls who care about expressing themselves. When the first samples of belts came in, I went to a couple of my neighbors who have daughters and showed them how it twists into place. They went nuts for the belts and liked the idea of wearing their name and a little symbol like a smiley face, an adorable puppy, or a cool saying. The belts have just taken off and I’m very excited with its success.”

Androuais plans to make the belts available at retailers of girls’ apparel nationwide. For now they are exclusively available online at . The no-nonsense site is clearly aimed at helping girls and their moms, grandmothers or anyone who might buy fashion for a girl, customize their belts with an array of Twistonz to satisfy young fashion divas.

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