BRADENTON, Fla. and DUIZEL, Holland — DomRey Cigar, Inc. is proud to announce that effective October 1, 2007, it will be the exclusive distributor of the Royal Agio Cigar brands, Panter and Mehari’s, in the United States. In addition, DomRey Cigar distributes the Cuvee, Cusano, and Perfect Cut brands.

Agio Cigar, in operation since 1904, was awarded the “Royal” designation by the Queen of Holland in 2004. Royal Agio Cigar products are well known and marketed throughout the world. The Panter brand, which was developed in 1932, is a global leader in the small cigar market.

Both DomRey Cigar and Royal Agio are committed to delivering a new level of enthusiasm and support to grow the Panter and Mehari’s brands in the United States.

For further information, wholesalers contact CTS Concepts (a wholly owned subsidiary of DomRey Cigar, Inc.) at 888-347-1923, licensed retailers contact DomRey Cigar at 800-347-1921.

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