NEW YORK, N.Y. — The co-author of the recently published “Get Fit In Bed” (ISBN: 1572244607), Dr. Genie Tartell, a nationally known Chiropractor who has appeared on ABC-TV, “The View,” and the Fox morning program, “Fox & Friends,” says you can get a better nights sleep by exercising in bed. Dr. Tartell wrote “Get Fit In Bed” with co-author Ted Kavanau, the founder of CNN Headline News.

Tartell backs up her own experience by citing a January 24, 2006, New York Times, article which quotes a leading researcher saying that in varying degrees, “…exercise before bed can actually promote sleep, easing anxiety and raising body temperature….”

Get Fit In BedTartell says, “No matter what your age or physical condition you can benefit from exercising in bed at any hour, whether it’s morning, afternoon and even when you awake in the middle of the night, often with those seemingly uncontrollable, nagging thoughts.”

Dr. Tartell says that kind of repetitive thinking, which keeps many people awake late into the night, has been shown to dissipate after doing the “Get Fit In Bed” exercises, and is often followed by a return to normal sleep.

The “Get Fit In Bed” exercises combine yoga, pilates, stretching, and even karate movements, into what Tartell describes as “A complete exercise program that is easy to do. Even those with mobility problems, arthritis or fibromyalgia can benefit from doing some of the exercises.” The book also includes Tartell’s advisories about which exercises people with specific health conditions should avoid, or how they can be done with modifications.

Tartell says “Get Fit in Bed” is a “…complete exercise system in which the flow of movements have a certain physical logic in which small movements build strength and flexibility for later, broader movements.”

Dr. Tartell wrote “Get Fit In Bed” with co-author Ted Kavanau, the founder of CNN Headline News. The karate movements in the book were inspired by Kavanau’s experience using the exercises when he was in his sixties.

Kavanau says at the time he needed to do something about his very-out-of-shape condition, but did not want to get down on the floor to exercise because he gets an allergic reaction to dust.

So he decided to do his exercising in bed. His fitness improved so much that he was able to return to his youthful practice of the martial arts and after a half dozen years was awarded a black belt.

Dr. Genie Tartell, a Doctor of Chiropractic, was a Public Health Nurse and a Cardiac Critical Care nurse at The University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

“Get Fit In Bed” (ISBN: 1572244607, paperback, New Harbinger Publications) is heavily illustrated with photos of Dr. Tartell demonstrating the exercise program. The book is available on the Internet and in bookstores.

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