PALESTINE, Texas — President-Elect Obama speaks of “Change” and today more than ever our economy, and overwhelmed and stressful lives, need change. With determination Obama made history, being the first President-Elected African American, making what once seemed impossible possible. His powerful message of “Believe in yourself” and “Change” resonates in new and unique room decor called Motivating Decor (, whose mission is to help children live their best life into adulthood. “Today children are growing up fast and need the wisdom to have a successful life. What would be a better gift than to surround children with a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere of good words and good thoughts to help promote a good foundation and counteract some of the world’s negative input, negative influences and stresses,” says Bea Holley one of Motivating Decor’s designers.

One never out grows the uniqueness because it is not based on TV or movie-pushed characters but real character traits that positively change lives with empowering words; such as you are special, patience, peace, faith, you can do it, be thankful, forgive, joy, respect, and many more enriching words and beautiful artwork that draws attention and nurtures each child’s imagination. In addition, incorporated into the designs are the six pillars of character, which are the core ethical values from the foundation of the Josephson Institute of Ethics Character Counts; that is utilized in schools throughout the United States.

Psychiatrists say 40 percent of happiness is formed in childhood, what we experience, how we view our experiences, what we do and how we think about what happened. Motivating Decor helps to stimulate happiness.

Motivating Decor is great for children of all ages, reasonably priced and is excellent for bedrooms, classrooms, child care centers and pediatric offices for daily input of love, joy and peace. Presently the three motivational and inspirational collections consist of wall borders, photo frames, large colorful ceiling mobiles, growth charts and posters which we will continue to improve and expand. There is something for everyone.

Motivating Decor desires to collaborate with a partner who will help expand their wonderful line of room decor collections to include matching bedding, lamps, pop-up hampers, wallies and more — as seen on the Motivating Decor website — and make them available in retail outlets for easier accessibility for everyone.

Let’s give children the winning edge and a new beginning. To obtain Motivating Decor please visit .

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