NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — HCR Publishing just released a new book that will enable the health care consumer to take charge of his or her health care while preventing medical errors and poor quality health care – “Health Care Responsibility: The Older Adult’s Guide to Surviving the Health Care System” (ISBN: 978-1-57087-697-5).

The United States health care system is fraught with problems. Hospitals in the U.S. make 1.5 million mistakes each year and are also responsible for 44,000-98,000 deaths, yearly, due to medical errors.

Limited face-to-face time with health care providers contributes to these mistakes. So, learning how to maximize the time with health care providers significantly reduces the risk of becoming a victim of the broken health care system.

Raymond Lengel “Health Care Responsibility” highlights major problems within the American health care system and provides practical solutions to combat these common problems. Multiple forms and lists of questions are included to help the average health care consumer effectively communicate within the health care system.

“I hope that this book will revolutionize how Americans get health care,” Raymond M. Lengel, author, said. “If patients are able to provide an accurate report of their past medical history, it helps to eliminate guess work and minimize errors.”

This 186-page book is an ideal companion to anyone who uses the health care system – it is like having a personal nurse by their side.

Lengel’s frightening look at the current state of the health care system will encourage readers to take charge of their health care. “Health Care Responsibility” provides tips and techniques and gives an outline on how to implement important steps to achieve this end.

Lengel is a family nurse practitioner who lives in Cleveland along with his wife and three children. As a specialist in the area of elder adult care, he has worked in the health care field for twelve years.

“Health Care Responsibility” is available for $14.95 in most bookstores, through AtlasBooks at 1-800-247-6553, or on the HCR Publishing web site:

To schedule an interview, for a media review copy, or a press kit, contact Raymond M. Lengel at HCR Books, P.O. Box 39655, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039; +1-440-781-3933.

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