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(DURHAM, N.C.) — NEWS: Black families and educators looking for relatable educational materials to enhance their children’s learning experience will soon have a new resource to amplify their efforts when Nu School Supplies launches in August.

Touted as “The online marketplace for curriculum and supplies,” Nu School Supplies is a source for African centered educational material that enables educators and parents to buy, sell and share lesson plans, printable material, and other educational resources. The resources are geared toward children of color from Pre-K to 12th grade and designed to encourage the black community to reconstruct the education system they were raised in by creating their own curriculum.

More and more African American families are turning to homeschooling to educate their children. In fact a study conducted by the National Home Research Institute found that the number of black children being homeschooled doubled from 103,000 in 2003 to 220,000 in 2016. And with the Covid crisis, that number has now quadrupled. One of the reasons cited by black parents for opting to home schooling is that they want to provide their children with the history and social context that the public school system does not offer. Despite the increase in black homeschooling and focus on cultural pedagogy, finding relatable resources is often a challenge and Nu School Supplies is filling that gap.

Homeschool Educator, Oni Bey, is the mastermind behind this dynamic new platform. “As an educator, in the classroom and at home, I have noticed the lack of representational material for all types of students. I see firsthand the discouragement and obstacles it can cause in a young learner. I have chosen to fight the under-representation of children of color in the education system by providing parents and educators an online platform that promotes and sells relatable education materials.”

Bey added that her goal is to have more families teaching their own children in a cultural centered environment.

For parents considering the idea of educating their children at home but have no idea where to start, Nu School Supplies has what you need for teaching development. We are here to give you the courage and resources to create a learning system best suitable for your learner.

Bey recently launched an eBook, called, “Your Guide to Creating Your Own Curriculum.” In this resource, she provides a blueprint that parents, who are new to homeschooling, can use to design a curriculum based on their children’s unique needs.

Sellers can increase their sales by supplying thousands of families with the afrocentric content they are looking for. Take advantage of our promotional and marketing tools to maximize traffic to your store, and access to our community of parents and educators for product feedback and testing. If interested in selling, fill out this form, or visit our website today.

Nü School Supplies is scheduled to launch officially on August 20, 2021. Whether by chance or by force, the power over our education is being placed back into our hands. The public’s need for your resources is at an all time high. Having them in a centralized location makes building curriculum and finding specialized resources easier for the parent/educator, and expedites the goal of shaping well rounded students. With our students starting school soon, send them back to the classroom confident with our educational resources.





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