LOUISVILLE, Ky. — PivotPro announces the launch of a brand new product – the PivotPro – scheduled to make its debut at the Las Vegas PGA Fall Expo on September 1, 2009. While some golfers may not know it, the pivot is the engine that drives the golf swing. And, with an incorrect pivot comes a poor swing. The PivotPro is a professional pivot-training aid for golfers of all ages and calibers. With an easy-to-use and versatile design, it quickly promotes correct pivoting in any golf swing.

The PivotPro“One thing that separates tournament players from amateurs is correct pivoting,” Sam Shah, president PivotPro, says. “In fact, professional golf instructors attribute 90 percent of golf swing faults to incorrect pivoting.”

The PivotPro is guaranteed to help golfers pivot properly by forcing them to correctly position their hips and head. It keeps them level and balanced through the finish.

PivotPro helps golfers to develop a powerful, consistent and repeatable swing. It’s designed to develop muscle memory, improve torque and increase club head speed.

For years, tour players and PGA instructors have understood the importance of correct pivoting, and have used unconventional teaching tools like placing a ball under a foot to promote a proper pivot. Now, for the first time ever, a professional grade pivot-training aid is available and people can practice anywhere, anytime.

Shah adds that some of the most common mistakes golfers make when pivoting is flattening their shoulders too much on the backswing; keeping the head too much over the ball; swaying hips; and doing a reverse pivot. The PivotPro works to eliminate these errors and more.

“So, say goodbye to skulling or chunking chip shots,” Shah says. “PivotPro is the ideal training aid for practicing a chip shot around and short of the greens.”

PivotPro is adjustable for all ages, sizes and abilities. It’s lightweight and composed of durable, high-grade materials for indoor or outdoor use.

And, after seven years of research and collaboration with tournament pros and golf instructors, the patented PivotPro is ready for worldwide markets.

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