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NEWS: (PITTSBURGH, Pa.) “The Vault” is the latest release from Bakdraff Entertainment. Seventeen tracks long, it features music that was created by six music producers and 16 artists over the course of several years. A musical tribute of sorts, “The Vault” is dedicated to everyone who the artists grew up with, and to the people they lost in the process.

“As the executive producer of this project, I was involved in countless studio sessions,” Daniel “Rambo” Lebo, Bakdraff founder and Pittsburgh rapper says. “This album is a recorded diary of the struggles we’ve been through growing up in the Steel City. It’s a provocative collection of music that digs into the city’s history. Every street has a vibe and every building has a story.”

“This music is for all the people I’ve worked with over the years. It’s dedicated to the blood, sweat and tears we shed and to the hustle we shared together,” he says.

“The Vault” will be available for download on April 29, 2016. Among the tracks are Da Rukus and Bakdraff.

In addition to “The Vault,” Bakdraff has two other albums available for download on iTunes – “The Steel City Hustle” and “Concrete Camouflage” by Rambo.

About Bakdraff:

Founded in 2010 by Daniel “Rambo” Lebo, Bakdraff is a hip hop music collective. While the label originated in Pittsburgh, the collective has grown to include artists and producers from several states throughout the U.S., Jamaica and Puerto Rico. It has worldwide distribution with an independent music distributor.

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