VENTURA, Calif. — Wind Chaser(R), a product of Action Products(R), LLC, announces the arrival of the award winning first factory production models of their family and “eco-friendly” land sailor – the Wind Chaser. The low price of the “Wind Chaser” land sailor, brings the fun, thrills and excitement of land sailing within reach of most families.

Plus it is powered by nature’s free natural “eco-fuel” – the wind! This earth friendly cart costs just $995.00 U.S. each and can be used by just about anyone on any hard or firm surface from beaches to deserts, from asphalt to grassy playing fields, even on frozen lakes and ponds with the optional set of ice blades.

A Wind Chaser(R) Land Sailor is essentially a three wheeled, wind-powered go-cart. It has been designed so that even a twelve year old can not only sail it but also assemble it in 5 to 10 minutes. The disassembled cart fits into four protective bags all less than 4 feet in length and with a total weight of under 54 pounds – made to transport easily in almost any vehicle even the trunk of a Honda Civic and leave room to spare.

Learning how to sail the land sailor is easy and fast, so much easier than a boat! You steer with the front wheel using foot bars, bring it to a stop just by letting go of the 35.6 sq. ft. sail’s “main sheet” (control rope) and, for extra safety, use the hand brake to stop. You adjust the sail with the main sheet to go faster or slower, relax in a comfortable ergonomic molded seat designed with most ages and sizes in mind.

With so many land sailing associations, clubs, vacation packages and informal groups around the country, all family members can sail with each other, new friends or just sail off by themselves as the mood dictates.

The Wind Chaser(R) can be purchased directly from the Wind Chaser(R) web site or with a phone call. E-mail: Site: or call 1-805-525-8003.

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