CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a bold new book, “If God is So Good, Why are Blacks Doing So Bad?” (LifeBridge Books, ISBN 978-0-9786581-7-5), author James Dixon, II, believes the African-American race is an endangered species and issues an urgent call to business, government, education, entertainment and the church to address the problem.

Dixon, a Houston, Texas, community leader and mega-church pastor, states, “This is the first generation of blacks whose heroes are arrogantly illiterate, unashamedly immoral and irreverent.”

The book addresses issues including the “Thug for life” mentality, intellectual erosion, AIDS and the causes of economic disparities. Yet, the author presents a vision of hope and specific steps he believes can reclaim the heritage of his race.

The book, called, “Powerful, provocative, passionate and prophetic,” by Al Sharpton, is being widely acclaimed by black leaders. Jessie Jackson says, “The author moves from marching to motivating and shows how we are all instruments of action to redeem the soul of America.”

Why are Blacks Doing So Bad And Dr. Rod Paige, former U.S. Secretary of Education, states, “This book challenges a generation to change its course.”

Dixon places the blame for the crisis where he believes it belongs-both externally and internally. In a chapter titled, “We are All Flash, No Cash,” Dixon writes, “We have an intoxicating infatuation with swiftly depreciating consumer goods and we work to impress, not to invest.” And addressing the issue of black males in prison, he states, “Promoting doing time as some sort of ‘rite of passage’ into manhood is insane.”

James T. Campbell, a columnist for the Houston Chronicle, observes, “This book tells it like it is and is not for the faint of faith.”

The author is currently on a national speaking tour addressing the issues presented in this book.

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