exercise safelyPHILADEPLPHIA, Pa. /eNewsChannels/ — Bolt Fitness announced this week that it was granted a patent (U.S. Patent D666,255) for a new, innovative fitness product – the Bolt Wheel – which brings the gym to the home. Lina Babchinetskaya and Roman Birman are the designers of the Bolt Wheel and the co-founders of Bolt Fitness.

Babchinetskaya explains that the Bolt Wheel is unlike similar products on the market today and was conceptualized because of a real fitness niche that needed to be filled.

Birman, a former personal trainer, found that many clients complained of constant lower back pain. And, Bachinetskaya, having a B.S. in Kinesiology, had conducted numerous studies on fitness equipment and exercise development. The combined skills of this fitness duo naturally led to the creation of the Bolt Wheel – designed to eliminate lower back discomfort while providing measurable results.

“The Bolt Wheel helps people build muscle, lose weight and tone the body,” Babchinetskaya says. “It works several muscle groups at one time. While similar to an ab wheel, it’s more like a complete body wheel – it takes fitness to a whole new level.”

Additionally, similar fitness products do not properly align the body – the Bolt Wheel does. This feature makes it easy for people to exercise safely and eliminates any worry about whether they are doing the moves correctly or not.

“This is a very important feature,” Babchinetskaya says. “If the body is not properly aligned, the targeted muscle groups will not get an effective workout and people may even do more damage to their body than good. And, positive results may be non-existent.”

The Bolt Wheel is designed for all fitness levels – the newbie to the exercise junkie. Products such as the ab wheel are typically used only by people who have had prior conditioning or a higher physical fitness level.

Additionally, the Bolt Wheel removes any unnecessary stress, pressure and tension on the lower back allowing the user to exercise for longer periods of time. It allows the user to tone their arms, chest, upper back, shoulders, and abs and most importantly – strengthens the core.

“A strong core equals a better overall physical fitness level,” Babchinetskaya says.

The bottom line is that the Bolt Wheel is easy and safe to use and can be used at home saving people a trip to the gym.

“Our mission is to revolutionize at-home fitness by bringing new, versatile equipment to the market,” Babchinetskaya says.

All products are tested by Bolt Fitness staff. The Bolt Wheel comes in a carrying bag with an electronic jump rope and a mat.

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