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NEWS: (NEW YORK, N.Y.) Progressive rock group DeCoster is releasing their second CD “Walking In The Sun,” at the Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, New York City on Wednesday April 20, 2016 with an 8 p.m. performance. The group is fronted by classically trained lead guitarist and composer Paul DeCoster who plays riffs on his Stratocaster that defy gravity, and writes lyrics and melodies that have an 80’s feel, while his percussionist Rich Kulsar punctuates and supports the vibe with earthy ethereal Afro/Caribbean accents.

Paul DeCoster may have a Beach Boy look, but he’s got some Elvis hip movement, and a voice that has musical register from Sting to Micheal Buble.

Look carefully at the image reflected on his aviator glasses on the cd cover, and you’ll notice an iconic Coney Island landmark, “The Parachute Drop.” This beach has been one of his muses and is forever attached to his soul.

Paul DeCoster says of himself, “As a musician, I’ve always found it easier to express my feelings and my imagination through sounds and lyrics. Very often, I tell a story that might be sparked by what I experience, or even what others have experienced, and when I write it, it’s my reality for that moment. When I sing it, I live it again.”

His new CD is available for download on iTunes Spotify and CD Baby.

About Paul DeCoster:

Paul DeCoster has been on the music bar scene in New York for a number of years, and continues to perform at numerous venues in and around New York City. He has taken his music recently to Atlanta, Seattle, and even played al fresco in Xuanwu Lake Park in Nanjing, China to some very happily surprised passersby. His musical inspirations have been The Police, Bryan Adams and Phoenix, as well as many contemporary artists. This summer he plans to tour the East Coast, and check out the London scene.

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