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(NEW YORK, N.Y.) — NEWS: According to New York City’s Mayoral candidate, Cleopatra Fitzgerald, “National and international security are indispensable for the safety of citizens, tourists, immigrants and residents,” and she’s bringing some injustices to light. She knows that creating agencies, departments, sectors, industries and infrastructures are global governments’ approach to developing coordination, but they don’t always work.

“There are inadequacies with laws and they’re failing so many. For example, inadequacies are seen in ever-present issues such as homelessness, poverty, civil unrest, wars and cyber and transnational crime. We need new laws and proper enforcement,” she says.

Fitzgerald believes that a country’s reputation is damaged when the incompetence, recklessness, malice, and inability to perform well only serves to hurt humankind.

“Each country/region defends not only its jurisdiction, but its culture, history, tradition, religion and governance,” she says.

And while she knows there are shared country alliances of varied types including protection, there are also sad facts that exhibit corruption, putting countries at risk.

“This happens through coercion, bribery, illegal dealings and the refusal to enter into agreements unless participation in illicit money flow occurs,” she says. “As backroom deals are made, some illegally benefit while others are harmed. Articles display how human rights’ organizations, protestors, Interpol, international court, ethics commissions, investigative journalists have found truths and justice.”

Cleopatra shared her views with “Total Prestige” Magazine. Explaining that when rulers, politicians, countries, regions, etc. use their power to place innocent individuals in concentration camps, provide false medical misdiagnoses and conduct surveillance to ostracize groups, individuals, races, religion, tradition and social norms, it denies citizens freedom of speech and human rights.

Global problems such as school failures, pandemics, suicide, discrimination and governmental deficits all demonstrates taxpayers are wasting their money in useless programs instead of in proper usage.

“There’s a vicious cycle of class disparity. The affluent often want to displace the poor from their dwellings and the villainous criminals blame normal residents. It’s the old versus the new generation with dissimilar upbringings and perspectives,” she says. “Each social class has specific wrongs and people need to voice their concerns to be free from abuse.”




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Cleopatra Fitzgerald

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