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PRINCETON, N.J. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Behind My Walls, a new service for the construction industry, provides home builders with a competitive edge and new home owners with peace of mind. It takes photos of what’s behind each wall just prior to insulation. It’s a simple concept with a multitude of benefits.

So, how does it work? The photos are taken and digitally catalogued. The home builder is provided with two logins – one for himself and one for the buyer. He then has the option to offer the service to the buyer as a free promotion, or he can charge a small fee for this optional upgrade.

Each photo is organized and labeled according to floor, room and wall direction. Just imagine how helpful this information could really be.

For example, if a new home buyer wants to hang a flat-screen television, it’s easy to identify what’s behind the wall (e.g., stud location, electrical wires, pipes, etc.). Or, if a plumber needs to find the source of a leak, interior wall photos can save time and money. What if a wall needs to come down during a remodeling project? Estimates are now more accurate because contractors know what to expect.

“Behind My Walls offers a new service that can really help new home builders set themselves apart from the competition,” Jairo Waszaj, owner, says.

And Waszaj understands the importance of this service firsthand.

“With more than 15 years in the home construction and development industry, I see tremendous value in this unique service,” says Waszaj. “Our goal is to be an irreplaceable asset to the home builder, future contractors and home owners. By partnering with home builders and adding this technology element, we can take the industry to a whole new level.”

Access to photos can also be purchased by future home buyers. So, for instance, whether the first home owner received this photo package as a free builder promotion or if it was purchased as an add-on service, the next buyer can purchase the photos too.

The builder’s cost is based on square footage. For example, a typical 3,000-square foot property costs $300.

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