RMS: Sample Pooling Ticket for In-State Game

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — NEWS: Relationship Marketing Systems, LLC (“RMS”) is pleased to announce that its patented option for jackpot draw games has been submitted for approval to the California Lottery. If adopted, it would be California’s first draw game add-on option. Currently, California has no game options due to the state’s pari-mutuel statutes. Additionally, California would be the first state in the nation to offer this add-on, which has received high favorability among players.

The option is a lottery pool akin to traditional pooling. Integrated with the current lottery system, pooling will be easier and more accessible to players.

Much like “office pools” where people pool their money together to get multiple chances to win and share any winnings, this add-on would be available to players at the point of sale just like any other ticket. This is achieved through existing lottery infrastructure. Players would buy their own pooling ticket and collect their own share of winnings from their retailer, just as they do today. With this option, players do not need to organize people, trust in money collection or disbursement of winnings.

The pooling option would give players 10 lines of play for the same price as a single play. In return, they would receive 10% of all winnings. For example, if the last $2 billion jackpot won in California was from a pooled line of play, California would have had 10 $200 million dollar winners. Consider when the jackpot is lower, say $50 million — even at this level, a pooled winning ticket would produce 10 $5 million dollar winners. This is still a windfall, life-changing amount of money.

Player options = more revenues.

Players like having options. Research studies show an average increase in draw game sales from pooling to be 25%. For California, if this option was available in FY2022, this would have produced an additional $341 Million dollars in sales revenues, resulting in over $115 Million dollars to California public schools, the lottery’s primary beneficiary.

California’s looming budget deficit will negatively impact statewide programs. This option can boost lottery benefits to public schools and help mitigate funding reductions therein.

This sample state lotto ticket shows 1 personal play for $1 and the add-on of 1 pool consisting of 10 more plays for an extra $1. In this example, the player would receive 100% of any winnings from their personal play and 10% of all winnings from the pool of 10 plays.

There is no financial risk to the California Lottery.

The uniqueness of the pooling option is that it doesn’t introduce any new prize liability like that of other games. Every pooled ticket contributes to the current prize fund and every winning prize share is paid for from the same prize fund. Since it’s not a new game, rather an add-on, player education and marketing incur virtually no cost with simple measures like ticket messaging and social media.

“The PoolingPLUS option brings new excitement to the games, producing more winning experiences while generating more funding for education,” said Andy Amada, President of RMS, LLC.

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